About us


Although a mechanical engineer by education, it is a fact that I have roots that are all before that. My great-grandfather started doing wood crafts. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of the time, the home workshop became discarded or useless. However, the sense of wood and its use has been preserved and passed on to younger generations. So today, together with the help of older handcraft skills and the use of new knowledge of modern technology, we combine knowledge and co-create quality products that we share with you..


Hi, I am Žiga Rozman, ''and this is how we wood it !''

It is important to point out that behind the wewoodit brand there are many good and heartfelt people who, with their support and love, make everything possible.



After the first hand-carved wooden puzzle, a sparkle appeared and the idea of continuing in a direction that both allows for genuine contact with natural materials and the creation of beautiful stories with people. Because we live in a country where the beautiful world of nature is only a few steps away from home, it is not difficult to get the feeling that you can create something more out of it.



Make sure that the glass of creativity always stays full ...

... and continue to create unique, high-quality and environmentally friendly products that will be able to create stories for both children and adults. We are aware that quality is not a coincidence, so we take care and strive to ensure that each product is made with an emphasis on detail, uniqueness and flirts with tradition, modernity and functionality. By using natural materials, we achieve that the touch throughout the game is genuine and warm.