Pikler triangle with board + Balance board + Balance beams + Floating circles

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Create unique playground for you little ones!

Together with Pikler triangle with board, Floating circles, Balance board and Balance beams  you are just one step away from creating a dream child playground. We can assure you the happines of your child and achieving better physical properties and creative mind of thinking.

In this set you get one Pikler triangle with board, Balance board, six Floating circles and set of Balance beams. All is certified, safe and ready to use.

Pikler triangle with board:

We belive the kids should explore it on their own. The point of the triangle is that it doesn’t need to be adjusted as your child grows because it works as the foundation on which they reach developmental milestones. For example, babies can first play underneath it. Once their ready they can use it to pull themselves up, then proceed to climb the structure. They can use their imagination and learn new skills. 

It's certified, safe and suitable for children from 6 months to 6 years. Maximum weight is 35 kg. The product is wearing a CE certificate.

Floating circles:

Those circles are our new children’s product designed to help with balance and coordination. It boosts physical activity and gross motor skill development. Plus they benefits playtime imagination and creativity - inspiring little ones to jump and stretch for a full body exercise.

Suitable from 18 months of age up to 99 years. The product is wearing a CE certificate.

Balance board:

Customizable with your own text, it will work like a magnet on children.

It stimulates balance, strength and physical awareness during play and use. This goes for (young) children, adults and even the elderly. It's made with many layers of beech wood under pressure to make a perfectly designed curve. It can also decorate your living room as well, so in this way you don't need to put it away after playing.

It is certified and safe to use. It can hold up to max. 130 kg.

Balance beams:

Balance Beams is aa unique open-ended toy that helps your child to develop balance and coordination skills. Balance Beams can be used not only by your child but also with his friends. More beams allow you to involve more children in the game! It can also be great gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or any other day of the year.

The Beams are perfectly finished with child friendly wooden oil which give the beam a nice smooth and resistant surface. On one side they are also colored which offer even better child experience. And if you prefer natural wood, you can turn them that way.

The set includes 6 balance beams with intermediate connectors. Every beam is 60 cm long.

It's certified, safe and suitable for children from 6 months to 6 years. Maximum weight is 50 kg. The product is wearing a CE certificate.