Memory game

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Memory is a great and interesting board game that is played with great pleasure by both children and adults. In addition to the game it offers, it also helps you to train your mental and memory abilities, perseverance and concentration. In a nice, handmade bag, 28 wooden circles are waiting for you. They depict motifs of 14 different animals. The circles have a diameter of 7 cm and are not coated with any coating, which allows a good user experience and a genuine touch with the wood. The contours are ignited in the wood with a laser beam, which enables the durability and ecological orientation of the product.

The bag is hand-sewn and with its contents enables easy portability and durability.

* Due to the nonconstant stock of goods, we reserve the right to change the motif on the bags

Suitable from 1 year of age. The products is wearing a CE certificate.