Lead the ball

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The Lead the ball game is now coming with unlimited number of drawn paths with write-erase black board. The game is great interactive game that encourages fast and logical thinking, teaches hand-eye coordination, strengthens fine motor skills, perseverance and patience. You can make/draw an unlimited number of paths depends of child possibilities. You can easily erase the board with damp cloth and make a new path right again. It comes with three colored chalks in the set. With the help of two handles and a string, the metal ball is guided along the marked path past the holes. The winner is the one who brings the ball back to the starting point without a mistake. Once you are more adept at the game you can start playing on time. The game can also be played by two players. This makes it even more interesting.

Suitable from 3 years of age.
Colored chalk included.

The toy is certified and is wearing the CE mark.